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APEC economies to return to China to create a magnetic field
Times:2014/11/5 15:23:08
After a lapse of 13 years, 5 to 11 November, 2014 Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Leaders' Meeting held in China weeks back. 
Theme of this year's APEC meeting is "to build a future-oriented partnership between Asia and the Pacific" will "promote regional economic integration," "promote economic innovation and development, reform and growth," "strengthen all-round construction of infrastructure and interoperability" as three key issues. 
Foreign Minister Wang Yi on the 10th "Blue Room Forum" organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said, APEC meeting was held again in China, we will use the home advantage, in a democratic and transparent, full consultation on the basis of a positive sound emitted China proposed Chinese program, the contribution Chinese wisdom. 
Although 2014APEC not yet opened, but all walks of life have paid great attention for APEC. In this case, the reader may wish to play at the end of APEC past lives. 
APEC's origin 
1989, APEC was born. But first APEC Economic Leaders' Meeting in November 1993, but the United States was held in Seattle, pioneered by the then US President Bill Clinton. Since then every year, mostly held in November. Leaders' Informal Meeting of the year will be for 10 to 11 November. 
According to Xinhua News Agency reported at the time, the first APEC informal leadership meeting, though it is an informal meeting, but very strict restrictions on the participants. Each leader can only take on a senior aide would, but can not enter the name of the assistant leader of the conference room, only to be ready in a nearby room to provide advisory services. Leaders can only be simultaneous translators or take notes at meetings outside translators studio. 
In addition to pre-prepared draft document will be finalized before the fundamental "the Declaration" and so on, meeting no longer set up a specific issue, leaders can express their views. Sometimes, some leaders may propose a new initiative, if there is no objection, it will as "the Declaration" inject new content. They do not enter into any agreement, but "the Declaration" itself has a very high authority. 
APEC There are five levels of operational mechanisms: Leaders' Informal Meeting, Ministerial Meeting, Senior Officials Meeting, committees and working groups and the Secretariat. Throughout the conference timeline, senior officials and leaders of the informal meeting of the Ministerial Conference has held, in order to enhance the importance of the meeting, the leaders of the informal meeting of the highest level of activity throughout the APEC conference series. 
Xi Jinping, the President will host a meeting 
In addition to the operating mechanism of the above-mentioned five levels, APEC also has a permanent establishment "APEC Business Advisory Council." As the main channel for the business community to participate in APEC, ABAC meeting was held four times a year, and hold a business leaders' summit, the leaders invited to attend multiple economies. 
2014 CEO Summit and representatives of the leaders of the Business Advisory Council Dialogue will be held November 9 to 10. Chinese President Xi Jinping will attend the meeting and delivered an important speech. 
In addition, this year's APEC meetings during the week, as well as a meeting chaired by the President Xi Jinping held - November 8, strengthen interoperability partnership dialogue. Bangladesh, Pakistan, Burma, Cambodia, Laos, Tajikistan, Mongolia will send heads of state (or government) as well as representatives of UN ESCAP and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization meeting. Meanwhile, the leaders will also undertake a bilateral meeting during the APEC intensive. 
Trust in China 
Wang Yi said that 13 years after, APEC meetings held again in China, Asia-Pacific economies trust for China, but also the Chinese mission should undertake. 
Wang stressed that the APEC meeting expectations Beijing will get a lot of results, is expected to achieve new breakthroughs in three aspects: First, start the FTAAP process of regional economic integration has taken new steps; the second is clearly the five pillars, to explore the Asia Pacific Economic new impetus for future development; the third is focused linkage development, outlined the Asia-Pacific round interconnection new blueprint. 
Wang said that in 1991, China joined APEC, APEC is China's opening up and development process of a major event. China began to accelerate integration into the Asia-Pacific, Asia-Pacific is also increasingly rely on China. According to IMF estimates, China's contribution to Asia's economic growth rate of over 50%, each one percentage point of China's economic growth, it will boost economic growth in Asia 0.3 percentage points. China and the Asia-Pacific, has formed a "a prosperity, a loss for both sides," the fate of the Community. 
Wang Yi said that this year is the 25th anniversary of the establishment of APEC. APEC to create a new world geo-economic landscape, opened a new chapter in the global and regional economic cooperation. The establishment of APEC, the Pacific Rim economies, China Unicom, so that "Asia" from a geographical concept has gradually turned into a 2.8 billion population, economic output accounted for half of global economic cooperation body, to become the region's most extensive coverage, the strongest representation highest level of cooperation mechanisms. 
Media attention upgrade 
It is reported that, as of now, the 2014APEC conference participants registered a total of 4060 reporters who reached the most ever. In order to do the host organizing committee through well-organized, well-furnished, and actively seek to provide detailed and attentive service for national reporters. 
Recently, the reporter advance into the 2014 APEC Leaders' Meeting Week National Convention News, conference facilities, a full range of visits. 
National Conference News size of about 11,000 square meters, has a 1000 wireless router to cover the entire venue offers free internet service, the regional setting the big screen in real-time broadcast graphics and broadcast news conference, more than 540 network interface and work desk 24 hours continuously electricity, 100 computers for reporters to use. 
News has a comprehensive service area, media public workspace, media dedicated work area, satellite transmission service area, press releases and dining areas and other functional areas, will provide video, text, images integrated material and professional radio and television national media service. According to reports, in addition to the National Convention Center, the meeting place at Huairou Yanqi, also has an information center, with a total area of ​​about 9000 square meters, the conditions and the National Convention Center fairly. 
Since November 4, has two information centers will start closing until November 11 meeting. In the meantime, the press center will be fully open to various media, and from at 8:00 on November 10 to achieve 24 hours is not closed. 
2014APEC period, transport services, information centers will provide free shuttle service since arrived in Beijing Capital International Airport, reporters, during a meeting arranged free hotel shuttle. 
In addition, there will be 190 volunteers serve two information centers. These volunteers from 23 colleges and universities, Peking University, Tsinghua University, Renmin University of China, Beijing Normal University, three percent of volunteers have CET and professional English 8 certificate, there are many volunteers proficient in Japanese, Russian, French, German and other languages​​.
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