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Promote bilateral investment treaties
Times:2014/11/5 15:53:38
US-China Business Council China International Chamber of Commerce issued a joint statement 
Promote bilateral investment treaties 
(Reporter Xu Miao) Trade China National Committee on US-China Chamber of International Commerce in Beijing recently jointly issued a statement saying that US-China Business Council China International Chamber of Commerce is to promote the two governments reached a high level of bilateral investment agreements as soon as possible and positive effort. Both sides appreciated the recent two China-US Strategic and Economic Dialogue to set a timetable to negotiate a bilateral investment treaty, that this is the follow-up negotiations has laid a good foundation. 
Bilateral investment cooperation has great potential for bilateral investment and trade relations between the two sides will play a decisive role. China and the United States are beneficiaries of foreign investment. Foreign investment helps to Sino-US economic growth and increase employment, and to provide consumers with more choice of products and services. Bilateral investment agreements will provide a better framework for healthy development of Sino-US investment and mutually beneficial relationship. Therefore, the US National Committee of bilateral trade between China International Chamber of Commerce called on the government attaches great importance to bilateral investment agreements, the formation of a consensus as soon as possible, to reach a high level of agreement. 
US-China Business Council China International Chamber of Commerce actively supports the work done by the two governments in terms of bilateral investment agreements. Recently, the China International Chamber of Commerce member companies in Beijing with the US negotiating team conducted fruitful dialogue. US-China Business Council, US companies have been organized working groups and bilateral investment treaty negotiators to actively exchange. Through the above dialogue, the two companies to fully expressed relax market access, remove barriers to investment concerns and expectations, affirmed the efforts of the two governments to negotiate investment agreements made​​. 
US-China Business Council, China Chamber of International Commerce promised to use to reach their close partnership to support the bilateral investment agreements, and actively promote investment cooperation between the two companies for the development of economic and trade relations between the world's two largest economies add new impetus.
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