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A quarter of the world’s top 500 enterprises will participate in the APEC CEO Summit
Times:2014/11/5 15:56:37
Fortune 500 companies will have 130 to attend the 2014 APEC CEO Summit, quantity and participation face more than all previous summit. China CCPIT Vice Chairman Yu Ping, deputy director of the Business Summit Organizing Committee released the news at a press conference held on October 30. 
According to Ping, a total of more than 1,000 participating companies, each more than 500 Chinese and foreign enterprises, the number more than 1,500, respectively, from APEC21 economies, as well as other 16 countries and regions. Of which 130 Fortune 500 companies, more than 500 a quarter of the total. Other participating companies are mostly from various industries, each leader in the field, covering manufacturing, finance, business services, mining and IT and other 20 industries. 
It is understood that the summit has invited 39 speakers, presenters were from 14 economies, representing food, resources, finance, manufacturing, technology, real estate, medicine, logistics, retail, consulting, trade and other media plurality industry, including the 2014 Fortune Global 500 22 head of the company. 
APEC CEO Summit this year's theme is "New Vision Asia: innovation, connectivity, integration, and prosperity." Summit designed nine topics for discussion are: Asia-Pacific economic integration with the world's multilateral trading system, regional new opportunities in the world economy commentary, focusing economic reform, innovation and development, global balanced development, global finance, interoperability, future development trend. Issues related to the current world economic development and the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forefront of many hot issues, more fully reflects the main concerns of the business community of the Asia-Pacific region. 
APEC APEC CEO Summit is one of the series of meetings, the annual APEC leaders' meeting held during the week, is an important platform for leaders of various economies to carry out dialogue with the business sector, the industrial and commercial activities in the Asia-Pacific region is the most influential . Each summit will invite a dozen leaders of APEC economies to attend or participate in a dialogue to discuss a speech. Since 1997, Chinese President attended the previous summit and delivered an important speech. From the beginning of 2000, CCPIT annual fixed tissue Chinese business delegation to attend the APEC CEO Summit, and is responsible for organizing the 2001 Shanghai APEC CEO Summit.
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