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Chinese traditional medicine industry aimed at the Russian market
Times:2014/11/5 16:22:47
With North Korea, Russia near the Chinese border city of Hunchun in Jilin, where a lot of traditional Chinese medicine shops have played Russian signs. In some acupuncture, massage shop, but also appear more and more family and I, blonde Russian faces. 
In recent years, as China's increasingly diverse types of export commodities, the rapid development of Chinese traditional medicine industry is also eager to start. Many drug companies are turning to a vast region, a relatively large population base of Russia. 
Related data show that the Russian pharmaceutical market sales of approximately 70% per year from imported drugs. In the Russian Far East, imported drugs accounted for 80% of market share. 
In addition to Russian national pharmaceutical production capacity can not meet the needs of its citizens, a number of producers also face low production capacity, production process behind other issues. Turning to China but has a rich category of medicinal resources, many well-known pharmaceutical companies and the rapid development of the pharmaceutical industry. 
     At present, Russia has become the focus of Heilongjiang Harbin Pharmaceutical Group, the international export market, while Shandong Lukang, Tianjin Tasly, Sanjiu Pharmaceutical and Guangzhou Pharmaceutical and other companies have also begun to involve Russian foreign trade business. 
Jilin Academy of Social Sciences researcher at the Russian Institute assistant Cui Konishi said:. "Russian Health Institute closed joint-stock company as early as 2007 began proxy Chinese medicine products sold in Russia at present, the company has come from China, Suzhou, Beijing and other places several pharmaceutical companies to expand cooperation. "
According to Cui Konishi introduction, Russia recently conducted their personal health care system reform, this initiative will significantly enhance the Russian public's demand for pharmaceuticals, health care products, return to nature, advocating green medicine industry might be able to find opportunities in them. 
Not long ago, the Russian government unveiled "the Russian Federation to the 2020 Health Care Development Program", "2020 Russian pharmaceutical enterprises industrial development strategy," which refers to matters relating to encourage foreign companies to invest and build factories and technology transfer. 
Data show that the value of the Russian pharmaceutical market is expected around from the current $ 25 billion to $ 75 billion in 2020, making Russia will become a multi-national pharmaceutical companies, "flame" of a main battlefield in the next period of time. 
Cui Konishi said, compared with Western countries, "green and natural" Concept of the Russian people's minds are also more stable, Chinese enterprises just do adequate market research, increased risk awareness, fully familiar with the Russian local policy, legal and cultural environment and attention to product quality, I believe that it will establish a good brand and reputation in the Russian pharmaceutical market. 
Vice president of the China Pharmaceutical Enterprise Management Association paragraph following the East said that in mergers and acquisitions of Chinese enterprises to realize after they are likely to Russian market as "a breakthrough", similar to Pfizer, Sanofi Principal path of development as an international pharmaceutical giant transnational .
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